I find the Duncan Trussel Family Hour Forum to be really interesting. I was on there the other day, and was reading a thread about western magic, and their rituals. There was a practice called ‘The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual’. It struck me that it was very similar to a practice that I do, only with traditional tantric visualization, meditation and mantra. So, I decided to type my practice out, in both the interest of serving people who might find this practice useful, and also as a curiosity for those who simply like to compare spiritual practices cross culturally. I hope you enjoy.

In order to do this practice, you need to familiarize yourself with some other techniques and information. We won’t go into them here, but they are essential. The first is a pranayama called ‘Nadi Shodhana’, also known as ‘channel purification’ or ‘alternate nostril breathing’. Second, learn the location and the bija mantras of the chakras. Third, Savasana. Savasana offers closure in a way that will complement any number of sadhanas. Learn these from the most reputable sources you can find. If you have to resort to youtube, watch a few videos, and try to discern who is offering the best pronunciation and information. Of course, private instruction is available through yours truly, both in person, and distance.

This meditation practice is done seated, preferably in one’s usual practice space.

1) Do a few rounds/minutes of nadi shodhana. This purifies the channels and makes the chakra work safer/more effective/etc.

2) Chant each bija mantra 16 times, in four groups of four, with the internal focus on the corresponding area of the body.
For example, focus on the root with your mind and chant
lam lam lam lam,
lam lam lam lam,
lam lam lam lam,
lam lam lam lam.
Then move on to the next chakra.
Do this at least 3 times.

3) Then, once you feel a little bit charged, chant the mantras bottom to top, then top to bottom. over and over.
You can repeat this as many times as you wish.

4) Next, a modified shusumna breath. The shushumna is the central channel that runs from the root to the crown, the place where all of the chakras reside. Take your attention to this central channel, white or gold, 2 to 3 inches in diameter, and running the length of the torso. On the inhale breathe light and energy up the channel. When the energy gets to the top of the head, allow it to fountain out of the crown chakra, and stream down around you, creating a peaceful, protective aura that surrounds you on all sides. On the exhale, move the energy down the channel, and allow it to move deep into the earth, grounding you and connecting you. This can be repeated as long as desired.

5) After you have completed these steps, you can move on to meditation, other spiritual work, or bring the practice to a close with savasana.

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