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When I first started practicing mindfulness, I learned that setting vows is part of a powerful meditation practice. My teacher offered me one from her tradition. It was to serve to focus us, keep us grounded in what was important, and to inspire us to practice diligently. It went something like this: 

I vow now,
To awaken to awareness
for the benefit of all beings

I believe this is possible for me
Here and now
Regardless of conditions

To awaken to awareness…. It’s a lot like saying, “To become enlightened, to become a Buddha.” It’s a lofty goal, the kind of thing one could work on their entire lives, or even for lifetimes. At the time, it seemed like a good one. It made me feel inspired, and high minded.

Coupled with the “for the benefit of all beings” bit, and I was saving the world, right from my cushion. I would do my practice, use the mindfulness techniques offered, learn a lot about myself, and grow. I possibly even grew in the direction of awakened awareness, but that’s hard to measure.

And I taught this to my students. I taught them the vow, and I taught them the practices. I printed them up in yoga teacher training manuals, and awarded certifications. I like to think that people were enriched, and that they grew, too. I know some of them seemed to think so. They told me.

But people told me the opposite, too. Not everybody could relate to it. Some people thought it was dogmatic, heavy handed, or pretentious. That was their truth. How could I argue. You can’t force someone to vow to realize their infinite presence for the benefit of all beings.

So, I discovered:

We All Need to be Able to Pick Our Own Commitments
We All Need to be Able to Pick Our Own Reasons

And So, Applied Mindfulness Coaching

We all have things we are committed to, and we all have reasons why those things are important to us. These are the things that make us who we are, and that guide our lives. We may have consciously named and embraced them, or we may not have, but they are there.

Some people need to grow their business. Some need to launch a new project or product. Managers need a better way to interact with their employees, and musicians need to cultivate their stage presence.

When we own these commitments, and step into what we really value, we give ourselves a chance to look at what is holding us back. Our various forms of internal resistance or incompetency inevitably come up. It’s like clockwork. They come in the form of disturbing emotions, limiting beliefs, and even as tension in the body. But, just as the vow assures us, regardless of the condition, the situation is workable.

I have found that mindfulness works. Cultivating awareness melts our resistance, and brings forth our innate wisdom. I’ve worked with students and clients for over a decade, serving them as they become more self-assured, graceful, and strong. Personally, I commit to being fully present for you, providing an extraordinary coaching experience that will move you powerfully, yet naturally into your true purpose.

Does This Speak to You?

If you are committed to personal improvement and have a willingness to do thought provoking, sincere, introspection , then you are a perfect candidate for Applied Mindfulness. We incorporate techniques both ancient and modern, with the understanding that a powerful, purpose driven life, is a result of inner cultivation.

If this speaks to you, then enter your name and email below, so you can schedule a 30 minute intro session. We’ll talk about why you feel like coaching might be right for you at this time in your life, and whether or not I’m the guy for you.

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You can’t pretend the shadows aren’t there, Or they’ll push you around, And you won’t get anything done

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