On Powerful Ethical Guidelines and Walking The Walk

We know that there are no shortage of stories and articles about ethical issues arising in yoga studios, and various other spiritual communities. Conflicts between teachers and students, issues with studio administration, conspiracies of silence. Even though everyone...

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Jungle Podcasting is Difficult

From the roof, I can see coconut palms, stretching out as far as the eye can see, in three directions. To the west, is the Arabian Sea, disappearing over the horizon. It’s gorgeous, and new, but totally posting a podcast is impossible. I take a morning walk to the...

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Zen Poetry is Blowing My Mind Right Now, Man

What’s this? Am I mad again?
I went mad once, then again.
At every breath I’m happier.
I sneeze: an explosion of ash, puff!
The city blazes, disappears.Once again I’ll build myself
A house, fire-proof, pleasant.
I begin carting bricks, with others.

The cornerstone is laid, my dream
Indestructible. But Then I sneeze-
The city rises like the phoenix.
-Shinkichi Takahashi

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Muddy Water is best Cleared By Leaving It Alone – Alan Watts

Muddy Water is best Cleared By Leaving It Alone - Alan Watts (from The Way of Zen) It is time to move away from the metaphor of 'mud as concept' and move into the understanding of 'mud as process'. We tend to think of our minds as a container, filled to the brim with...

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I Hate Kundalini Yoga

I don't practice Kundalini Yoga much anymore. I did it in college a bit, one of the few yoga centers in Eugene was a Kundalini Yoga center, complete with a Guru Granth Sahib. I thought Yogi Bhajan was amazing, and got to hear him speak in 2000, when I spent the week...

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Say God by Daniel Higgs

Say God by Daniel Higgs I discovered Daniel Higgs, through the song, "Say God". This poem/song/whatever is deeply moving to me, and it is the kind of thoughts that I would like to have rolling through my head all the time. Or, at least, I would like an abundance of...

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First Day in Vrindavan

There were bramacharis from the San Diego ISKON temple in vrindavan the same time we were there.  Young pink skinned boys in clean pink robes.  You couldn't tell which was paler.  One brown skinned boy, too.  Carlos.  Smart kid.  He wore glasses, and kept them...

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One of my yogic clearing and grounding meditation practices

I find the Duncan Trussel Family Hour Forum to be really interesting. I was on there the other day, and was reading a thread about western magic, and their rituals. There was a practice called 'The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual'. It struck me that it was very similar to a...

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Back in the Land of the Living

Its good to be back, talking to you all again. As many of you know, I had an injury last month, and I was pretty much laid up for all of August. I've emerged, and I'm pretty much back to normal. I've taught a few classes, and built a few websites, and life is getting...

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A Dream of 99 Teslas

A Dream of 99 Teslas I had a dream the other night. Walking in the woods behind my house, I came across a man.  Though he maintained the appearance of an ordinary man, I knew somehow that he wasn't. "you're from another planet." I told him He nodded and smiled and...

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Q & A, Healing Sciatica

Someone asked how they could use yoga to help with some sciatica that they started experiencing during their pregnancy.Having never met them, this is what I felt like i could safely offer.most generally, sciatica is caused by the irritation, compression, and/or...

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