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This coaching package is for those wanting to consciously bring their new year into being, using the insights gained over the past year, as well as their lifelong core values. We begin by exploring the successes and failures of the past year, using mindfulness principles to see without judgement, in order to find insights and patterns. We contemplate what our heart has been through, and what will keep it beating with passion for at least the next thirteen moons. We’ll vision what a successful year will look like, and what sort of impact we would like to have on the world. Finally, we’ll set up structures that will help make sure that we stay true to our vision.

through this four week session you will become more integrated and embodied as you conceive and birth your own vision for the year.

This package is great for people who are wanting to:

  • Start and sticking with new projects
  • Integrate powerful experiences of 2017 into your 2018 being
  • Get over old, lingering crap
  • Learn to Use meditation to create a positive mindset.
  • Face difficulty  with courage and dignity.

It ends up when you keep walking paths that have rocks and steep climbs, you might think you are alone, but then you stop take a little break and you realize that you know other cool people that have been climbing and cultivating life-earned skills to share with others.
Daniel is one of those friends, and I am grateful to say I am a Mindfulness Client of his — and his work is exquisite and integrous.


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