Visioning 2018 w/ Insight & Joy


  • Gaze back with clarity and kindness
  • Look forward with excitement and determination
  • Four 60 Minute Phone Sessions
  • Handouts, Homework, Etc
  • A couple of poems, & just enough humor
  • Contact to Pay with Crypto


I’ve been working on ways to find completion with 2017, and to birth 2018 into being. Questions have been swirling around my mind; how to celebrate achievements, what insights are to be gained from difficulties, and what are my dreams for what’s to come.

Almost more importantly, I’m taking a look at who I was being, how was I living? And who do I want to be moving forward? How can I practice becoming the person I want to be?

And, as I sit with these questions, I begin to explore ways that I can offer these questions to the community in a way that is going to promote freedom, insight, joy, and authenticity. I think those are the big four take aways I’m looking for. For me, for you.

If you’ll let me, I’d like to spend four weeks on this with you. Four 60min sessions that straddle the new year in some way, four sessions that give us a reason to look back with clarity and kindness and forward with excitement and determination. Four weeks that promote freedom, insight, joy, and authenticity.

I wanted to invite you guys first. You’ll notice that this email isn’t coming from my mailing list service. I picked you out from my emails and calendar. Part of the practice, looking back over the year. If we work together on this, I’ll ask you to do it, too. But, I picked you because I like you, and I thought it would be awesome to work with you on this. If you want to invite a friend, that’s cool, too.

I’m asking that you invest $450. The $450 gets you the four sessions, handouts, journal questions, and home work. That sort of stuff. It’s a hell of a deal, by design. (Email to pay with Crytpocurrency)


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