Zen Poetry is Blowing My Mind Right Now, Man

What's this? Am I mad again? I went mad once, then again. At every breath I'm happier. I sneeze: an explosion of ash, puff! The city blazes, disappears.Once again I'll build myself A house, fire-proof, pleasant. I begin carting bricks, with others. The cornerstone is laid, my dream Indestructible. But Then I sneeze- The city rises like the phoenix. -Shinkichi Takahashi

Tantra Reading : The Radiance Sutras

When I was at Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree last month, i met a man named Lorin Roche. He was a scholar and meditation teacher, and had spent several years working on a beautiful, poetic, practical,...

Timothy Leary’s Tao Te Ching

I am reading a fantastic book. They recently republished Timothy Leary’s version of the Tao Te Ching, “Psychedelic Prayers”. (Psychedelic Prayers: And Other Meditations (Leary,...

A Poem For The Athiests

I found this on “The Sun Magazine“ It is called “Ode to The God of the Atheists” by Ellen Bass.It is lovely, and reads like a Hafiz poem. It is devotional and heartfelt, and...

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