Episode 26 – Daniel Schlagle

Satsang with Sitar and Daniel Schlagle of the Digital Circus. Sitar and Daniel discuss poi spinning and flow arts. They talk about the importance of finding a practice that keeps the body healthy and enables us to channel energy in a positive way. Daniel Tells about teaching poi, and practicing poi,embodying the flow, and connecting to source. Dan hints at some top secret poi that he is developing. They talk about fire, and the sun, and the recent sunspot explosions. We move onto talking about sacred geometry, the golden mean, and the flower of life. There is even some discussion on the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the power of the mind. This podcast was recorded on location at Beardfest 2013.

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Beardfest 2013

Episode 25 – Satsang with Lu

Satsang with Sitar and Lu. Sitar and Lu discuss earthship, the sustainable building movement that is coming out of Taos, New Mexico. They talk about all the benefits of earthships, rammed earth tires, and getting off the grid. Lu talks about her time as an earthship apprentice, and encourages other people to get involved. They talk about retrofitting houses with earthship technology. Lu also talks about way to create sustainability in existing urban homes. Then she waxes poetic about the spiritual significance of earthship building and the importance of having a connection with your home and your land. Recorded on location at Beardfest 2013.

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Beardfest 2013

Episode 24, Satsang with Adil

Satsang with Sitar and Adil. Adil and Sitar talk about treating people unconditionally, connecting with the universe, and the true meaning behind the Taj Mahal. Adil talks about what it was like growing up next to this miraculous site, and how much he likes to travel and be with nature. They discuss the power of intention and the importance of trusting the universe to magnify those intentions. Adil’s magnificent energy and attitude are so clear and come through the recording in an amazing way.


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