Episode 21, Satsang with Aditi Devi

Satsang with Sitar and Aditi Devi, a Yogini Who leads Kali Puja in Boulder, Colorado every Saturday night. She also teaches online, and offers in depth sadhanas. Inspired by Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk, Sitar and Aditi discuss leaps of faith and how to merge into the universal love field. It is also revealed that neither of them are morning people. There is some talk about Nepal, and its spiritual landscape. A breathing practice for communing with the Great Mother is also given.

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Episode 20, Satsang with Brenda McMorrow

Satsang with Sitar and Brenda McMorrow, an amazing Kirtan Artist and resident of Guelph, Ontario. Brenda and sitar remember Shyamdas, a beloved member of the yoga community. They discuss his devotion, his wisdom, and his humor. Brenda talks about how he inspired her creative process and spiritual growth. They also talk about kirtan as a practice of singing to God, and how to create a song that will please Maharaji. A shared love for Ramana Maharshi is discovered. Some Coco Cafe is enjoyed. Listen to Brenda’s Wonderful Track, “Sitaram” at the end of the podcast.

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Shyamdas’s Website

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Shyamdas’s Music on amazon.com

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Neil Gaiman, Make Good Art

Episode 19, Satsang With Dan Farella

Satsang with Sitar and Dan Farella, Yogi and master herbalist at Return to Nature. They talk about the plants, and how they are manifestations of the Goddess. They speak about the importance of working with the mental conditioning that keeps us separate from nature, and the healing medicine that may be growing in our own back yards. All Plants Are Prasad!

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