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by Sitaram Das | Satsang With Sitaram Das

Satsang With Vraja Kishor

Sitaram Das and Vraja Kishor talk about how they first got introduced to the Bhagavad Gita, and what it would be like to be friends with Krishna, and their personal relationships with god.  Sitaram Das compares his hippie leanings to Vraja’s Punk Sensibilities.  They discuss how controversies can motivate people to open their minds, and learn new things in new ways.

Sitaram Das is curious about the different ways that the term Guru is used, and so they talk about that for a while as well.

“If you are making people mad, and you aren’t breaking yama and niyama, you’re doing something right.”

Vraja’s Astrology Website:  http://www.vicdicara.com/
Vraja’s Books and Online Class Website: http://vrajakishor.com/

I dug around and found a scan of the Zine that we talked about, where the coupon was filled out: http://publiccollectors.tumblr.com/post/25028601289/razorsedge


We mentioned the Jimi Hendrix Album cover, which details Chapter 11. It’s a great album, too…

Jimi Hendrix
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