Satsang With Jake Kobrin

by Sitaram Das | Satsang With Sitaram Das

In this Episode of Satsang with Sitaram Das, I get to sit down with Jake Kobrin in his art studio. We talk about the different sorts of mediums that he works, in; traditional paints, digital, and now in virtual reality. He gives me a chance to play with the program ‘tilt brush’. We talk about the effects of virtual reality on our consciousness, and it’s potential in the future. We discuss his teaching at the newly founded Visionary Arts Academy, and how every artist is ultimately self taught. We also talk about how his meditation practice has influenced his art, and vice versa.

Jake’s Website

Visionary Arts Academy

Animal Spirit Cards

During the podcast, we talked about a painting that Jake had been painting, and traveling with. Here it is.

jake kobrin
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