A woman named Nina Paley created a wonderful animated Ramayana, that is delightfully Sita-centric. Apparently, she found great solace in this tale, (the greatest breakup story ever told) after her husband went to India for 6 months for work, and ended up breaking up with her over email. It features many different styles of animation, and is quite a visual feast. It also has a stunning soundtrack, one that was in the center of a bit of controversy. The movie is set to the olde timey 1920 jazz tunes of Annette Hanshaw. There was some question around copyright issues, and intellectual property rights, and there was the possibility that the film would never be seen. You can follow the entire struggle here on Nina’s Blog. Much of this has been worked out, mostly due to the generosity of sponsors. It will be shown on PBS in NCY on March 7th, and it is also available to be seen on the internet in its entirety here! I am writing this as I watch, and I am thoroughly enjoying.

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