the Mountain Temple of the Goddess Savitri

When I buy ‘things’, I like them to be really great, quality ‘things’. I like to know that some care went into its creation, and that the people involved in the production of the ‘thing’ are quality people. I like when the ‘thing’ has a story behind, perhaps even a legend. I am a sucker for a legend.
I got an email today from the folks over at Floracopia. It was an email with a story. They liked their story so much that they told it twice. Once in audio form, and once written in David’s blog. (David is the Floracopia guy).
The story is about their perfume, Savitri. To make a long story short –

According to the perfumers of Kannauj, India’s ancient perfumery center, the combination of rose and vetiver is one of the finest of all fragrance blends. “Savitri” rose perfume is blended using two unique oils: the rosa bourbonica, also known as the “Edward rose,” and ruh khus, a thick hydro-distilled extract of dried wild vetiver roots.

I really enjoyed the audio version, and the process of creating this perfume sounded so cool and magical. Also, I need a present for Valentine’s Day, and this just happens to be on sale until February 2nd. I am a sucker for a good story.

I am buying it here

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